Our Favourite Restaurants in Amsterdam City Centre

As part of our weekend entertainment, we eat out every Saturday or Sunday. Here it is a list of several restaurants/food near the Amsterdam Central Station (CS) that we recommend (click here for best hotel deals from Expedia!):

If you feel like going Italian….

It’s time for Vapiano, then! I love the pasta in this restaurant. Even just imagining the spaghetti carbonara, I’m thinking to call hubby for having Vapiano again this weekend.. Slurrpp!! It is fresh as we can see the chef cooking in front of us. The portion is pretty big. And I’m so happy with the generous grated cheese on top of the spaghetti. The price is reasonable for Amsterdam standard. As for the location, they have two branches. Both are in touristic areas. First, in the central library building, called OBA, just 10 minutes walk from CS. After enjoying the pasta, you can also take time to check the big and comfy library as they also welcome many tourists. You can read about OBA here. Second, in Rembrandtplein which you can reach by tram 4 from CS.

Fresh Pasta with lots of cheese on top

If you feel like going Japanese….

Try Kyoto Sushi! For my hubby, this is the best sushi restaurant in the world. We have tried many sushi restaurants in the city (and of course in few other countries too) and he said that Kyoto is No. 1! This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant with 22 euros for lunch and 28 euros for dinner. What makes Kyoto special is the size and taste. The portion is bigger than other all-you-can-eat restaurants. And it also tastes better. However, overall, I can say that sushi in Amsterdam somehow feels fresher than sushi in Jakarta. And here there are variants that you won’t have it in Indonesia such as salmon sushi with cream cheese. So there are enough reasons for having sushi in Amsterdam. As for the location, it is in Damrak, the road just in front of CS. You will easily find it.

If you feel like going Chinese….

Fu Lu Mandarijn! After so many times people told us their satisfaction to this restaurant, we finally tried this one last weekend. And yes, we are also surprised how yummy it is. It is a Sichuan restaurant so almost all of the meals are cooked with dried chili paddy. But on the spot you can tell them to lower down the level of spiciness. We ordered the doubled-fried thin-sliced pork with their special sauce. Oh it’s so mouthwatering! When I took a bite, I can feel the crunch at the edge of the pork and the tenderness of the meat, together with the richness of the flavors coming from the herbs that they use. This one costs 23 euros. In addition to that, we also ordered chicken fillet in twelve spices. This one is also nice. A tasty chicken chunks mixed with many herbs and spices. This costs 21 euros. Finding the restaurant is super easy as you will definitely see Madam Tussaud when you are at the Dam Square. The restaurant is only few buildings away from the people’s queue for Madam Tussaud’s entrance.

Double-fried Pork with Special Sauce


Chicken fillet with Twelve Spices

If you miss home….

It’s not seldom that we meet Indonesian travelers longing for rice after traveling one whole week in Europe. Then you’ll be satisfied when you are in this very city. There is an authentic Indonesian restaurant at the Dam square: Sie Joe. I can say it is authentic because it tastes just like food at home. The full review can be found here.

If you are in a hurry….

When you don’t have much time to spend for a nice meal or if you’re on a budgeted travel, eating french fries that obtains a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor is not a bad choice at all! Go to Manneken Pis, only a few shops away from Kyoto Sushi. Here you can find french fries with a selection of 22 different sauces. You may try Joppie sauce as one of the famous ones in the Netherlands. It is sort of a combination of Mayonnaise and Curry. You will like it!


For the exact locations and opening times, please click the respective links on the name of the restaurant above. Eet smakelijk! Happy eating!

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