Saveur Singapore: a Simple yet the Best French Restaurant

When we got back to Singapore earlier this month for a short holiday, I didn’t miss the chance to enjoy a meal at one of my favorite restaurants in the city: Saveur! I remember it serving only a couple of selective meals and desserts but all were delightful to my taste buds.

This time, they didn’t fail to satisfy my tummy either! I ordered the food that kept me coming back to this restaurant: Duck Confit and Lava Cake. The duck is very tender and tasty just as the mashed potato is. My husband ordered Duck Confit in a Burger. I think this one has even more flavors as there are also bacon and onion ring in the thick burger.

Duck confit

Duck confit burger

As for the lava cake, they now serve Salted Caramel Lave Cake with Ice cream. Before, they served the Chocolate one. Please watch the video to enjoy the perfectly melted caramel when I cut it. We didn’t regret that we ordered it.


One thing I noticed the difference is the ambiance. Before, when we often visited the restaurant in Bugis in 2014, the wall was decorated nicely in black and white as the theme colors of the restaurant but now it was just blank. And the toilet was not as clean and comfy as before.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an affordable French cuisine, I recommend this. You can find more about Saveur here.

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