Dunkin Donuts Amsterdam: The Sweet Old Memory

I hardly remember when was the last time I had my way to Dunkin Donuts. Even when we arrived in Amsterdam back in 2014, we hardly seen their establishment in the city. However, lately they seemed popped around the city quite rapidly. By the time I write this, their official site puts 5 locations (http://www.dunkindonuts.nl/vestigingen/)

For most Indonesians, Dunkin Donuts is one of the most famous fast food establishments in the country back in the 90s. My personal favorite, which I guess very localized version, was the Durian flavor. Not to mention how they were used as incentive for great performing students back then….at least my wife and I were.

Box of 6
Dutch Doughnut?

On Sunday we went down to Beethovenstraat, the Old South of Amsterdam for lunch. We thought it would be a good lunch break coupled with cold ice tea or coffee. Going for box of 6, we tried to explore as many flavor as possible. Unfortunately they are all too sweet for us. Luckily the coffee was good, so as the tea.

Good memories came along while we finished all the doughnuts. What is your favorite?

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