iPads at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)

If you are traveling to or from USA via Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP), make sure you relax and enjoy its facilities. Of many airports I have been through, I think this can be one of my favorites. It offers plenty food and shopping options, but the best of all is the iPad service which passengers can use across the terminals.

These iPads are distributed in many places, including around boarding gates areas. And the cool thing about them is that you can order meals/drinks, pay them by swiping your credit card, and they will deliver your orders to you. It is very convenient if you want to stay nearby your boarding gates but still enjoying nice meals/drinks from restaurants/bars of your choice.

The only concerning part is of course the fact that we still need to swipe our card’s magnetic strip for payment. Not sure if it’s the safe way to pay these days.

But overall, this is a very good value add service from the airport. Wish may more airports can follow.

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