Unpleasant Flying Experience with British Airways

Due to work assignment to Shanghai, China, last week I had a chance to fly with British Airways (BA) for the first time after living in Europe for almost 7 years. Although I had to fly longhaul in economy, I thought it would be OK as I expected good service and flight experience with this full-service airline. Unfortunately both legs were disappointing:


1. No free snack or drink between Amsterdam and London.

Although the traveling distance between Amsterdam and London is very short, I expected free snack and drinks (at least mineral water). Unfortunately they were up for a price. Thus, it’s the same as low-cost carrier model.

Entertainment screen – feels back in the 90’s

2. 90’s entertainment system.

I was utterly shocked knowing the fact that the entertainment system provided is back like in the 90’s. Small and blurry screen, NO on-demand entertainment system, and the most fascinating remote control embedded in the seat’s arm. I had to rely on my iPad to entertainment me especially between London and Shanghai.

Embedded remote system in the seat arm


3. In-flight meals.

Maybe it’s only me, but I always end-up with unwell stomach after I eat the meals provided. What about their taste? First meal was very salty, and the rests were a bit flat.

First meal – very salty

Both legs were safe flights, but the whole package was not as what I expected from full-service airline in 2017. Comparing with the Gulf and Asian-based carrier, the BA’s long haul flight experience definitely needs to be over-hauled.

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