Caracol Falls Brazil

Normally people would visit Rio or Sao Paulo when they first travel to Brazil. But I had to start with Porto Alegre, a city in the southern part of the country. Staying there for 2 weeks for work, made me believe that there won’t be anything worth visiting in the vicinity of 1-2 hours driving… Until one local colleague recommended me to go to Caracol Falls.

2 hours driving by rental car from HERTZ (tried my luck without any Portuguese other than “Bon Dia”) is what it took me to this breath-taking nature. Green. Clean. Completely different athmosphere after full week working in a bustling city environment. Unfortunately the path to the bottom of the falls was closed, but to sit nearby and hearing the sound of water falls already made my tiredness gone.

Entry fee? 18BRL!! Very very unjustice if you compare to the beauty inside. But maybe this is the price market for local tourists.

Driving to and back from Caracol you will pass through a city called Gramado. There you will see a different feeling than normal Brazilian cities, since it is decorated in Bavarian style. Very much feels like being in Munich, Germany. They have lots of chocolate shops, which later only I heard from another colleague that they are famous for it.

Overall, despite I didn’t visit the famous tourist destinations in Brazil, my Brazil trip is still memorable.

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