Book review: Stuff Dutch People Like!

It is a bestseller book that you can easily see in any English bookstore in Amsterdam. This book comprises 60 things that the writer thinks are unique from the Dutch. Colleen Geske compiled the articles from her own famous blog and made a bestseller book from it. What a smart way of authoring a book!

I find this book entertaining and informative at the same time. I enjoyed the short chapters for my leisure time on my cozy couch. And the ability of the writer to put the usual thing in the Netherlands into a particular thing that only Dutch do/like it often created a big smile on my face. For example, the Dutch simply smashes almost all kind of food for their sandwiches. That is true! I see in supermarkets a rack full of smashed egg, tuna, pork, garlic, etc beside the section of bread.

I appreciate the writer of doing little research and thus inserting data for her brief articles. When we first arrived here in the Netherlands and searched for housing, we were surprised with the steep stairs in all kind of housing whether it’s an apartment or landed house. After reading the book I understand the reason. Before, the government taxed houses only according to their widths, not their heights. That is why they built tall and narrow house buildings.

However I also find several chapters are exaggerated because I don’t think they are Dutch unique traits. For example, the chapter of Not Queueing. If I do not live in the Netherlands, reading the chapter will make me think that there is no respect at all to people who have come first. But the reality is that I admire the patience of people here to wait for their turn.

The book also exposes Dutch love of wearing red pants for male in their fifties and white legging for female in general. Unfortunately, I rarely view those things on the streets here in Amsterdam.

Having said the plus and minus of the book, this book is highly recommended for people who are brand new to the Dutch environment and also for people in general who need a reading as the companion of their cups of coffee.

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