Wing Kee: One of the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam

Whenever I go to a China Town, I always look for the best restaurant that serves roasted duck. Although most of them will also serve crispy skin roasted pork and chicken, but my go to menu always roasted duck.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, although its China Town is not as big as The Hague, you can still find many restaurants that offer this menu. Last Sunday, Christmas Day, me and family went there for lunch at Wing Kee restaurant.

Wing Kee restaurant in Amsterdam’s China Town

We ordered roasted duck, chicken, shrimp soup and Mapao Tofu for the two (and a half) of us. When they arrived we thought we won’t be able to finish everything, but at the end we licked to the last sauce on the plates/bowls. All our order were some tasty, the duck was so juicy, and the spicy mixed tender tofu was so yummy. Interesting that we only found this place only after more than 2 years living in Amsterdam.

Price? Very affordable and reasonable with what being served to us. And the best part for you to know is most guests in this restaurants were Chinese customers, not western tourists. That’s always a good sign for any Asian restaurant you go to.

Roasted duck and chicken
Shrimp soup
Mapao tofu

So, don’t hesitate to dine at Wing Kee restaurant in Amsterdam if you are dreaming of a good Chinese restaurant while visiting Amsterdam.

Wing Kee
Zeedijk 76, 1012 BA Amsterdam

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