Our family traveling lessons learned 2016

Throughout the year, we were lucky to visit several cities in Europe and also went back home to Indonesia. Of all the trips we had this year, there are few lessons that we learned as a family as we are continuing our journey to find the traveling style that suits us:

1. Hotel vs. Apartment (AirBnB)
As much as we love staying at AirBnB apartments, having a small kid with us makes hotels become our most favourite accommodation. Simply because all facilities provided just work for us, and most of the time their location are very comfortable….walking distance from many public transport bases.

2. Itinerary
As much as we would love to visit many spots as we can, and remembering my traveling time when I was still single, as a family we prefer to have an “as-you-go” planning. We just point the cities we want to go, list several spots we want to visit, but left the details of when and how to get there after we arrive at destination cities. By doing this actually we enjoy our vacations more as a family.
3. Public transport vs. rent a car
To some extend I still love to drive, but now becomes less as vacations should be relaxing. As non-hardcore driver (only rent a car whenever I need to drive, we don’t own a car), long distance driving is very tiring. Not to count sleepiness which is very dangerous knowing I have the whole family with me in the car. Trains, air planes, and busses are still they way to go for our family.

We hope to have more fantastic family vacations in 2017 and years to come. Keep watching our blog, instagram, and twitter for updates!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

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