Our Favorite Pho Restaurants in Amsterdam

Living in Amsterdam means that we have endless options of restaurants that we can go to. When we talk about Asian cuisine, especially Vietnamese, then Pho soup always pops-into our mind as it’s one of our favorite soups to have. We’ll never get rid of how simple yet rich its broth is. So here are the two Pho restaurants that we would recommend if you are visiting Amsterdam:

1. Pho91
This small restaurant is located in the famous Albert Cuyp market; very near to the beginning of the market if you are coming using Tram 16 or 24. In most working days it only opens for dinner, but Friday – Sunday it also opens for lunch.

Bear in mind that its portion of Pho soup is huge, especially if you are planning to drink the soup till the last drop. Thus make sure you prepare more space in your tummy before coming here. Price range is OK, but considered pricier than other joints.

If you don’t like raw or half-cooked meat, then make sure you tell it to the chef.Pho Soup

2. Saigon Caphe
We went to its branch on Gelderlandplein – Amsterdam few months ago just to try a different restaurant. At first we doubted that we would like to go there as its design made impression of fine-dining restaurant. We are not a big fan of such place (a bit cheap yeah hehehe….). But to our surprised the price tag was even cheaper than Pho91, especially if you consider taking a package of Pho soup combined with Vietnamese sandwich.

So overall we were happy to come here and surely we’ll come back again as the Pho soup was excellent, less strong broth compare to Pho91 though, and the sandwich and lemon grass ice tea was spot on. Highly recommended!

20160723_121957 20160723_122411

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