Why we choose FlyingBlue American Express Card

As a family, we are actually not a big spender and also not a big fan of having credit cards. But our experience living in Singapore few years ago showed that we can still live with strict budgeting and spending money while enjoying the benefits of having credit cards. We paid, and will always pay, every charges in full by end of each month. At the end of our stay in Singapore, we managed to use our points for honeymoon flights for two and buying full tickets for my parents to visit Singapore.

However, ever since we moved to Amsterdam and we learned the banking or credit system here, having credit card is not fun at all. Basically nothing special to have credit card in Netherlands other than you can shop online. Even they have iDeal debit-like system for national online shops. All the annual fee of the cards need to be paid in full, not something that you can ask to let go when you can show the company that you have been a good customer. Until one day a friend of ours introduced us to FlyingBlue American Express Card.

Flying Blue American Express Silver Card

We are FlyingBlue members. Most of my miles were coming from business trips I need to attend almost on a monthly basis anyway. And with FlyingBlue American Express Card it seems that collecting award miles from our ground spending can also adding to our overall pool of miles. Will it be a lot more miles? Not really. Again we are not big spender, thus we only go for FlyingBlue American Express Silver card. And since AMEX is not widely used in Europe, it’s going to be lot less exiting than how we collect points in Singapore.

Better something than nothing, right? If we can use those miles to pay some of our flight tickets to explore Europe, or even to visit our family in Indonesia, that would be awesome.

If you live in Netherlands and you have other recommendation on how we can stack up points or rewards while doing our normal chores, please do share them with us. Or do contact us if you would like to apply the FlyingBlue American Express card for referral 🙂

Photo credit: http://welkecreditcard.nl/

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