Tips visiting Lembang, West Java, Indonesia

If you plan to visit Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, most likely you will also go to Lembang. The northern area of the city that offers gorgeous view and breezy-fresh air. However, even for a local like me there are still new things I learned when I’m there, especially now with a baby traveling with me. Here are some tips that you may consider:

I believe most people will take private (or rented) cars or chartered-bus when visiting Lembang. Thus no discussion needed when it comes to public transport. However, many people don’t know that there are many alternative roads to reach destination in Lembang. At least until now I know there are more than two. This is very crucial to safe your time as the traffic on the main road is already considered very congested, especially during long weekends.
So, ask the locals if they (or your driver) to go through the alternative road instead of the main road to Lembang.

If you have ample time to visit Lembang, I highly recommend to go there during weekdays. Weekends are horribly crowded.

One of the main attraction for most people visiting Lembang is food. Be prepared to be disappointed when you expect all of them are the same. Most restaurants in the area are now offering cool, mixed traditional and modern atmosphere, but not so much high quality when it comes to food. And pricier that’s for sure.
The trick is to go and have lunch or dinner at restaurants which don’t have big banner or logo, many cars parking with plat number starts with D or Z, and small-medium size establishment.

Hope these tips can help you enjoy the more authentic Lembang and more fun at your destination instead of stuck in the traffic.


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