Tips traveling to Lisbon with baby

We just came back from our first family vacation in Lisbon, Portugal. As challenging as it may sound, having a small baby with us abroad, it was a worthwhile experience which strengthen our bonding and also determination to have it more. Of course when the budget permits.

If you are going to visit Lisbon with your baby, perhaps these tips can help you better plan and enjoy the beautiful city. Please note that in this trip we mainly use public transportation:

Bring Baby Carrier
If there’s one thing that is not so useful in Lisbon, we would say: Baby Stroller. Don’t get us wrong though. It’s not completely useless, but most of the time, if not all the time, it’s better to walk around the city with baby carrier instead. The city is famous for its hills and also old trams, so it’s a great challenge to use stroller. Less mobile. And many metro stations do not have escalator or elevator.


View from St. George Castle

Adjust Itineraries according to your baby pace
When we first plan to visit Lisbon for vacation, we decided to take a whole week there, and only to visit nearby towns like Sintra, Estoril and Cascais. Although many said that we could do more that week, but since it was our first time, we decided to take it slow. Very slow comparing to my last trip when I was still single, 2 weeks for 8 cities.

At the end, it was a good decision as we can enjoy the trip (remember that we use baby carrier all the time) and the baby did not feel too exhausted. Although flu caught him towards the end of the trip.


Bring enough medicine for baby, especially Paracetamol
We always hope that our baby will be alright throughout  any trip. But we never know when fever or flu will catch. Thus it’s no harm to bring extra medicine, especially Paracetamol. We brought some, but they were just not enough . Lucky for us that we found a pharmacy where the person behind the counter can help us in English. But remember, not many places can offer the same service.


Have fun
I know this sound rhetoric, but despite all points mentioned above, it’s very important to have fun with your baby during your visit in Lisbon. Because Lisbon is fun and enjoyable for children. Our baby always happy in the metro or Pastelaria because he could play with the elderlies. They love kids, so he love them as well.

Even though we didn’t manage to cover all our itineraries, we’re glad that our baby had fun time in Lisbon, and surely we will continue traveling with him in the future.

One of the park nearby Pena Castle – Sintra

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