My two cents on Tripadvisor

I know Tripadvisor since many many years back. I even often go to the site when I’m planning to visit a new city or new country during my business trips. But only for the past month I have the strong motivation to contribute and also be more active in its community.

Not much that I have contributed so far, only few reviews on restaurants (because that’s predominantly what I love) and asking questions related to our family upcoming vacation trip. But there’re few things interesting to me from Tripadvisor community:

  1. There will always someone who would help you with your questions, at least at forums of famous cities like Amsterdam and Lisbon. I don’t know how these so called “Expert” passing their day-to-day lives, but they will response to your questions.
  2. Still feel welcomed. I have joined many online communities since 2008, but so far I found Tripadvisor has a very great welcoming community of all. There will be one or two posters who may answer your questions as if you are moron, but most of them are very pleased to help fellow travellers despite maybe the answer is something that already discussed before. Even most of them I believe copy-pasted the answer from his/her collection of answers.
  3. Forums are more genuine? I like to experience local flavours when I go for a trip. Thus I found reviews in the main site can sometimes misleading. So far few local savoury recommendation I got were best coming from the forums, not the reviews. So how should I treat the reviews? Maybe with a pitch of salt!

I don’t know any other online communities that I may join at this point of time, but I’m looking forward for other recommendations.

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