Aries Noodles: Authentic Taste of Jakarta-style Noodles in Amsterdam

As Indonesian, we always looking for authentic Indonesian restaurants outside of the country. And famous for its long relationship Between Netherlands and Indonesia, it’s very normal for many people asking us about where to get authentic Indonesian food in Amsterdam. For noodles: we would go for Aries Noodles.

Chicken Noodles

Despite its location that is not at the center of Amsterdam attraction, the trip to Aries Noodles is worth to go if you are visiting or live in Amsterdam. However, we don’t particularly recommend people to come here often because of its pricing and portion. 9 Euros for a small portion of soup noodles. But hey, if you are looking for authentic taste, freshly home-made noodles, then Aries Noodles is the place where you want to be.

Last week was our second time visiting this restaurant after more than a year ago, when we first came to the Netherlands. And as before, the restaurant looked very neat, very clean, and still using cash-only transaction. So better prepare those Euro notes.

Directly served by the owner himself, serving time can also be an issue here if you are thinking about rush lunch or something before dinner. But all-in-all, we still recommend this place to our friends and colleagues.

FullSizeRender (1)
Chicken “Pangsit”

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