Think Local, Act Local. Is it good enough?

Since I went to the university back in 2002, I always hear about how we should start thinking global while acting local. Dream big, dream high, the sky is your limit! But fast forward to 2015, apparently not all people would think similar.

This morning during my last session at a physiotherapy clinic, a small establishment at my neighbourhood, the physiotherapist asked me about how he can bring his service to the next level. What he can improve to maintain or even better increase customers’ satisfaction. Isn’t that a great question to ask your client while massaging him for treatment? J

So I went through about how I found his practice and how difficult it’s to find more information about physiotherapy written in English in Amsterdam. To my surprise he shot the idea down by saying that he doesn’t care enough about known to people using “Amsterdam” keyword, he only focus on his neighbourhood. Yes, he agreed to adding English section on his website to cater expats in the neighbourhood, but not to be searchable in search engine for “Amsterdam”.

In his clinic, I can see that he went all out with having regular service audit, putting his clinic at review-based website, but why he doesn’t want to go big? Not even in the city level? Apparently for him success is more about customers’ engagements and sustainable business, not the fame. It would come later. And so far, he loves his clinic. And that’s good enough.

This was definitely tricked me to think about what is good enough for me. Is think local, and act local something that I should also embrace in the future? What would be the future ideology looks like, especially to the younger generation? I’m very happy to hear your thoughts on this by leaving your comments down.


  1. I think every person has their own ‘ceiling’, and it’s up to them how high they like their ceiling to be. It kinda depends on their personality. An ambitious person will always looking to upgrade their ceiling, while there also some people who feels satisfied with their current ceiling.

    Business-wise, some people started their business with different purposes. Most people, I think, doing business to make a living and feed his/her family. So when think local, act local served that purpose, they’re satisfied with that. And who can blame them? Forcing someone to think ‘globally’ might not be a good idea if that person doesn’t really want it, nor having the skill to go for it. Not to mention there’s also risk involved in every business step.


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