Open Letter to World Travellers

I am lucky when it comes to world travelling. Because of my job, I managed to tick the boxes of visiting all the 5 continents. However, the past few flights make me think hard whether my future (grand-) children can enjoy travelling as what I experienced for the past 7 years. Flight experience is changing (more turbulence), many tourist spots are no longer welcoming as they used to be (lots of commercials and garbage), and too many tourists visiting one place and forget to preserve the local heritage.

Don’t get me wrong, as I would love to see as many people experience what I have been experienced so far, but too many of them are just doing it unresponsibly. Living in Amsterdam  I can personally see how world travellers (especially the young ones) are starting to ruin the fun of visiting the city. Every morning when I walk to my office, the only thing I can see is piles if not scattering left overs garbage.

So here is my open letter to all travellers: Be adventurous, but at the same time be respectful of the local legacies. Be responsible travellers, as this beautiful world is for everybody to enjoy for more years to come.

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