Safety tips riding bicycle in Amsterdam

When you hear about or planning to visit Amsterdam, what would pop in your head? Canals? Museums? Freedom? What about bicycles? I hope you really consider bicycle when you are coming or going to visit Amsterdam. Why? Because whether you will rent one to explore the city, or when you just want to spend your time walking, you should keep in mind that bicycles are everywhere in this city, and safety should be your outmost concern.

These are some tips that I can share especially to the non-expert cyclists:

Keep right

Even though you may consider yourself as an expert in riding bicycle, always keep riding on the right side. Why? Simply because left is used to overtake. If you start mixing the two, then possibly you are going to danger other cyclists or even the pedestrians.

Keep focus on riding your bicycle

Don’t mix it with playing with your phone, including texting or changing the music in your playlist. Although you may see many people are doing so these days, it does not mean you should follow this bad habit.

Keep the maps and plan ahead

When you are exploring the city with printed maps, then always keep it inside your pocket or bags while cycling. It’s not a good habit to keep it open while cycling, even sometimes you keep looking at it when riding. Better to plan ahead which road you will take, when to turn in the sections, etc.

Keep it simple

If all these are still too complicated for you to enjoy Amsterdam, then just go with trams and bus within the city. The operator offer good price for visitors to explore the city all day long.

In summary, if you decide to rent bicycle to explore Amsterdam, make sure that you always follow the regulations and keep safety actions firstly in mind. This city has many riders and also pedestrians every day, who also wants to enjoy the city safely.

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