Things I learned about food in Mexico

Although I only visited 2 cities, I believe this general observation valid for the rest of Mexico….


When I knew I was going to visit Mexico, the first thing popped-up in my mind is Tacos! And I believe most of you would think the same. But one thing I didn’t know about tacos until I came to Mexico is that we basically can have anything inside the tortillas. I’ve tried tacos with meat and seafood, and they are all taste great.

Different types of tacos I've tasted in Mexico
Different types of tacos I’ve tasted in Mexico

Spicy / Chili

From my Mexican colleagues I knew that they love spicy food. And since Indonesian are also love spicy food, I thought I may survived well in Mexico. Only until I realize how crazy they are about it….they can put spicy sauce or even freshly cut chili¬†basically in any type of food. They mix spicy sauce in their tacos, they can eat sushi with freshly cut chili (not wasabi), and they have variety of chips/snacks with spicy flavors. And don’t forget that they also have different levels of spiciness.

Chips with Jalapeno flavor
Chips with Jalapeno flavor


I see that most food in Mexico are served with meat. They love meat. From beef until pork, they love meat. Although their seafood selection is also good, but still the majority of the food here are served with meat. I personally feel heavy now after 3 course meals everyday for 2 weeks filled with meat.

Mexican Food

This may sound rhetoric, but if anyone would ask me what Mexico is best for, definitely I will say “Mexican Food“! I’ve tried Italian, Japanese, Thai and Chinese food here, but none of them up to the standard I’ve known in Asia, Europe, even Australia. So, if you visit Mexico, just stay with what they are best for: Mexican food.

Different types of Mexican I enjoyed in Mexico
Different types of Mexican I enjoyed in Mexico


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