IceRocket and the Future of Search Engines

I’ve been a very big fan of Google Search. Compare to other generic search sites, I always believed that Google gives me better results. And since Chrome is our default web-browser, automatically Google is the go to site when we need to look any information…..Until this week!

This week, I’ve been trying very hard to plan a quick weekend gateway at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. And the natural way to do that of course by searching the keyword at Google and hoped good recommendations will be presented. But to my disappointment most of them (if not all) are only results from tripadvisor, tour operators, and real estate agents in the region. I really missed the good stories coming from traveler who visited the area for vacation. Knowing that it’s a famous location for tourists, I believe there should be more than 10 people who would document their trips in form of blogs.

IceRocket Search
IceRocket Search

Until finally I changed the search strategy and found IceRocket search engine. Giving me options to search content over blogs, twitter, and Facebook, IceRocket definitely serves my needs best for this purpose.

This leads to even bigger questions: Is the ‘traditional’ search model already broken? Do people take SEO too far? Do we need specialised search engines for different purpose? Knowing that this wouldn’t be the first time we will have difficulties in finding good content via normal search engines, I’m really looking forward for genius engineers who would bring better search results on the Internet.

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