Gelato Festival Amsterdam 2015

Starting today, July 9th, until Sunday, July 12th 2015, ice cream lovers in Amsterdam can visit the Gelato Festival located at Marie Heinekenplein. Unfortunately their online ticket, Gelato Card, is no longer offered in their official website. But you can always go there and buy it directly at a counter or several ticketing machines available. Although the online version of Gelato Card is much more cheaper, 5 EUR vs. 14 EUR.

Gelato Festival Amsterdam 2015
Gelato Festival Amsterdam 2015

Today I went there after lunch. Maybe because it was their opening day and the weather was quite chill, I didn’t see many people there. The downside of not ordering the online ticket is also the steep price I need to pay for just 1 small cup of ice cream, 3 EUR. That’s very expensive, especially considering the nearby ice cream shops can offer you between 1.10 – 1.50 Euros per scoop (including the crunchy cone). To me the ice cream taste was just OK, not great or special as I imagined before.

If you are a big fan of ice cream, and don’t know where to go this weekend, maybe this festival can be one of your options.

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