The Best Indonesian Restaurant in Amsterdam

One good thing living in Amsterdam, or Netherlands in general, is the vast availability of Indonesian restaurants. Where ever you go, you can easily find one, both fancy restaurant or small take away shop which famously known as “Toko”. And since people know Indonesian food is very delicious, once they know I came from the source, it’s so difficult for most not to ask, “Do you know where is the best Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam?
Indonesian lunch by us
Unfortunately, going to Indonesian restaurant is not our forte since we arrived here. The reason is very simple, to our standard (you cannot blame us to always compare it with what we can have back home), they are just too expensive. Some maybe very good in serving the authentic taste, but for vast majority of them we believe it has been altered to the local pallet.
So, where is the best place to get Indonesian food in Amsterdam? OUR KITCHEN. With help of Internet videos like Masak.TV, we are able to satisfy our pallet with the most authentic taste of home, and of course with more affordable budget.

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